Why lots of acronyms and their versions impact your users experience?

4 February 2022

This is an extension of our previous blog post - stopping the slow painful death of a beutiful website.

When you go to buy a new phone - how much do you look at all that jargon and compare all the 3rd party components and frameworks -  really what is the difference between bluetooth v3 and v4?

Looking at this image it dosn't appear like the iPhone has changed much over 15 years but I am pretty sure none of you are reading this on an iPhone 4

The underlying technology that runs the iphone – both the hardware, the operating system and the whole mobile app eco system have a huge impact on the user experience

We might not really understand what is the A14 bionic chip with a 5 core GPU going to do for me that a A11 3 core chip won’t do, but we do know how much better the experience has become with each new release and most people don’t think its unreasonable to upgrade their phones every 2 to 3 years with regular software updates in between.

It’s the same for a website content management system and the whole eco-system surrounding it from the backend database right through to the users browser version.

You may not know what the majority of these mean or are but they are all required to make one of our websites function properly.

So if you want to keep your website beautiful and usable? If you want your IT Support staff, web developers, designers and content editors to continue to deliver your users a great experience are they going to be able to achieve this with an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 8?