Umbraco 10 is here

22 July 2022

Umbraco 10 has now been released, this is the first Long Term Support version in Umbraco’s new release cadence.

In the past, major releases would contain dramatic User Interface or CMS changes, however this will not longer be the case. With a more regular and predictable release cycle, upgrades should be less painful and shouldn’t require major migration planning.

The most notable features in this releases are:

  • Full cross platform support; with the inclusion of SQLite

  • Running .NET 6

  • Nullable Reference types enabled in new projects.

  • Support for WebP images

  • Examine version 3

It can be tricky to know what all this means for your website so we’ve put together some FAQs:

Why do they keep releasing new versions? 

Technology is constantly changing and to meet the expectations of users, content management systems need to evolve too. This latest version aligns Umbraco to Microsoft’s release schedule, ensuring the CMS will retain compatibility.

What does this mean for websites on older versions?

Older versions are still being supported by Umbraco but will eventually reach the end of their lifespan. You may also find that adding new features or integrations to older Umbraco websites may become more challenging over time. 

Umbraco end-of-life timeline:

              Version 7:          September 2023

              Version 8:          February 2025

Should I plan to migrate to the new version?

If you’re on an older version of Umbraco then migrating should definitely be on your radar. Although your website will continue to operate beyond the CMS’s signaled end-of-life date, your exposure to security threats will be increased once the version is no longer actively supported.

How much will it cost to migrate?

How much time involved in an upgrade is influenced by a number of factors. Our team will look at how complex your site is, custom features and functionality and any integrations you have with other systems. We look at each site on a case by case basis, so if it’s something you’re interested in then just get in touch.