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A digital supply chain tool that provides exporters and their customers greater visibility of their goods warehousing and movements throughout the distribution chain. 

Exporters in Nelson and Marlborough, along with their international customers and shipping providers, have limited visibility of what stock is available and the movement of this stock through the distribution chain.

To solve this, Effect partnered with Port Nelson and Augen Software Group to design and build Pelorus.

We employed a user-centred web design approach to discover user needs, behaviours and problems

As wine is the largest export leaving the docks at Port Nelson, it made sense that this industry become the initial focus for improving visibility throughout the export journey.  

To gather user requirements; we interviewed and observed users at:

  • Quay Connect (Port Nelson’s main warehousing and logistics hub)
  • Spy Valley Winery
  • Central Express Limited 
  • Port Nelson’s Container Terminal

An intuitive system that gives users total visibility over their goods while in transit

After distilling this research into user profiles and stories, we workshopped, prototyped and tested ideas with users to ensure the solution was something they would use and value.

The outcome delivers on-time notifications from pick-up to storage. Monitoring and management is straightforward and transactions are kept secure with end-to-end cargo-chain security.

An agile approach to the design and development.

Taking an agile approach to the development of Pelorus allowed a proof-of-concept to be trialled and launched quickly, while being flexible enough to accommodate changes, new features, and on-board new industries.

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