Digital Strategy

Understanding the problem and who it affects is the first step to solving it.

We delve deep into your organisation to understand your business objectives, your customers’ needs and what's driving those needs. 

Strategy-led design

Whether it’s a new website, custom-built software, or simply a desire to increase your reach through digital communications and marketing, every project needs a cunning plan and we’re here to help.

Problem solving across industries

We work alongside organisations across New Zealand to develop and deliver on their digital strategy.

We’ve worked across a range of industries including government, local government, education, agri-business,   e-commerce and not-for-profit. 

We can help with:

  • Data analytics & customer insights
  • User experience
  • Digital Strategy development
  • Digital communication

Workshops and analysis

Stakeholder workshops help us engage with your key audience to better understand the problems that need to be solved. From there, we develop user stories that help guide a strategy that will deliver on your goals.

User research and insights

When starting a project we work to solve users’ problems, satisfy their wishes and achieve business goals. In order to do this we utilise different exercises which help us understand who we are designing for and what their needs are.

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