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Crafting a maritime community that works and plays safely and securely on clean waters.

With a significant increase in staff head count over a short period of time Maritime New Zealand required an Intranet that could act as a single entry point for all staff to gain access to a wide range of organisational information and other systems. 

Furthermore Maritime NZ wanted to create an online community, encouraging staff to share and contribute to enhancing the organisation’s culture.


Leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies to connect the organisation.

The solution needed to leverage prior investment into Microsoft technologies including a team of Microsoft .NET developers, in-house Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts and Windows and SQL Server infrastructure. 


We provided Maritime with the world’s friendliest content management system Umbraco.

Prior to the rollout, all intranet content was managed by one web administrator – the implementation of Umbraco allowed Maritime to share this workload with CMS administrators in every business unit throughout the organisation.   

This ensured the intranet is continuously updated and relevant to the staff that use it, saving time and effort throughout. 

The seamless integration between Umbraco memberships and Windows authentication

The seamless integration between Umbraco memberships and Windows authentication enabled an easy rollout, custom content based on user active directory settings and structure and no additional administration overhead for managing staff/users.  

MS Dynamics CRM integration

With several mission critical business applications running on MS Dynamics CRM, the ability for Maritime NZ staff to submit and update information through intuitive, user friendly, custom designed and built forms directly within the intranet has proved a huge success. 


The project serves as a great example of how you can maximise the strengths and compatibility of Microsoft Systems. While Microsoft Dynamics can do the heavy lifting in terms of data storage and manipulation, the Umbraco customer portal provides a user experience consistent with what is expected from your brand. 

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