As a new financial services start up, Lifetime Retirement Income required a way to reach customers right around the country.

Through their knowledge of their ‘60 year old plus’ target market, Lifetime made the bold decision to shun the stereotype that “old people don’t use the internet” and develop a range of online services purpose-designed and built for new retirees.

A carefully crafted user experience that guides users through decision-making

We built a clean and modern website that is mobile friendly. Featuring clear calls to action to request a free information pack or apply online.

A secure online portal that enables users to view their account balance, investment returns and future payment details.

We built a secure Umbraco customer portal which enables Lifetime’s customers to get easy access to their account, notify changes to personal contact details and top up existing investments.

Interactive calculators that educate the user in key financial management concepts.

We custom-built a range of online calculators to help retirees calculate what their income could be in retirement and how they could diversify their savings.


By embracing digital solutions and customising their services for retirees, Lifetime Retirement Income was able to successfully reach customers all around the country, making financial planning and management more accessible and user-friendly. 

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