Aurora Energy Website

Embarking on a transformative collaboration, Effect joined forces with Aurora Energy to enhance their digital presence and elevate user experience. We delved into the seamless integration of Effect's expertise with Aurora Energy's commitment to innovation, crafting a dynamic online landscape that not only reflects dedication to excellence but also sets new standards for user engagement in the energy sector. 


Project Scope

At the heart of this transformative journey emerged a key feature during the define phase: the "Outages Map " with a "Geo Picker." This innovative feature enhances user experience by providing an interactive and visually captivating way to locate outages and major work areas undertaken by Aurora Energy. Additionally, the creation of an open and transparent section addressed the need to engage with stakeholders and customers on Aurora Energy's activities. 

Effect, in collaboration with Aurora Energy, underwent an extensive user testing process. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure optimal outcomes and make choices aligned with the preferences and needs of Aurora Energy's diverse customer base. 

Auora Energy recognising the need for transparency, asked us to create a Document Library for public information and disclosures. Equipped with user-friendly filters and search functionalities, this section facilitates the seamless sharing of essential information. 

Outages Map

Visual Representation: The map serves as a visual representation of the geographic locations of major projects undertaken by Aurora Energy. It allows users to see the distribution and concentration of these projects across a specific area.

Intuitive Navigation

Users can navigate the map easily, exploring different regions and gaining insights into the scope and impact of each major project. At-a-Glance Information: The map provides at-a-glance information about the locations, types, and statuses of major projects, offering a comprehensive overview of Aurora Energy's initiatives. 

Geo Picker

Interactive Selection: The Geo Picker is an interactive tool that allows users to select specific geographic points or areas on the map. This feature enhances user engagement by enabling them to actively participate in the exploration process.

From the expertise shown during the discovery phase, the excellent work done on the visual design and UX, and the tight project management, Effect collaborated with us to ensure we delivered a website designed for our customers.

Terri Sinclair

Detailed Information

Once users make a selection using the Geo Picker, detailed information about the chosen location. This may include project details, incident number, estimated start and end time and any relevant updates. Also there are options for “global” notifications to allow for region wide notifications.   

User-Friendly Interface

The Geo Picker is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that users, whether they are industry professionals or the general public, can easily interact with and extract valuable information from the map. 

Enhanced Visualisation and Navigation

Geospatial Context: By combining the Outages Map with the Geo Picker, users gain a geospatial context for Aurora Energy's initiatives. This not only enhances the visualisation of project distribution but also facilitates a deeper understanding of their geographical impact. 

Efficient Exploration

Users can efficiently explore and analyse major projects by selecting specific regions or points on the map. This targeted exploration contributes to a more streamlined and user-centric experience This is all driven by the Aurora Outage Management System, Effect has built a site which retrieves outage information and display it. We also monitor any failures to retrieve that information  

Document Library

The need for a transparent way of sharing important Information was created, so a Document library for public information/disclosures was created, with easy-to-use filters and search disclosure pages on utility websites often contain information that companies are required to share with the public or specific stakeholders. These disclosures might include financial reports, regulatory filings, environmental impact statements, or other important information that affects customers, investors, or the general public. 

The user testing process garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. The introduction of the Document Library and disclosures section further contributes to transparency. 

The Outages Map  with a Geo Picker emerges as a powerful tool, seamlessly blending data visualisation, interactivity, and geospatial information. This innovative solution not only meets the demand for detailed information but also fulfils the desire for a visually compelling presentation, contributing to a more informed and immersive user experience.