We worked with Safe365 to help them create a digital health and safety consultant. Tapping into the power of data to save lives and strengthen business performance.

Every year there are over 2.3 million worker-related deaths and 313 million workplace incidents, which accounts for a global economic impact of over 3 trillion dollars.

Directors, owners and managers often lack the knowledge and resources to be health and safety compliant, putting their staff and business at risk.

Allowing businesses to quickly assess, improve and monitor their organisations’ health, safety and wellbeing capability; culture; performance; and engagement.

Securely hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, Safe 365’s customers can confidently use the assessment tool to review their organisation’s strengths and gaps as well as measure their progress towards a safer workplace.

Mobile responsive and cloud hosted, Safe 365 can be accessed anywhere on any device, ensuring flexibility across a diverse range of workplaces.

We also developed built-in reporting functionality, allowing the creation of simple reports for compliance, board reporting, due diligence and contractor management. 

Safe365 is so easy to use. That's the beauty of it. You do not need to be a health and safety expert to use this product… It takes the fear away from starting the journey.

Oliver Sanandres – Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing Auckland Council

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