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In life threatening situations, getting help to where it’s needed is time critical. Maritime New Zealand’s Rescue Coordination Centre knows how much a successful rescue mission depends on having up to date, reliable information at their fingertips is.

The Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) is responsible for knowing the emergency contact details of every locator beacon in New Zealand. 

When a beacon is activated, the RCC makes contact with family or friends listed to establish the person’s intentions and medical conditions - information critical for launching a successful rescue mission.

As Personal Locator Beacons (PLB’s) become more and more common place among trampers, mountain bikers and ocean travellers, the RCC needed a solution that would allow PLB owners to register and manage their own contact information through a self-service portal.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

With Maritime NZ having invested in Microsoft technologies including Dynamics CRM to store customer data Umbraco was the perfect fit to build a public facing website and a user-friendly customer portal.

The new easy-to-use portal integrates with Dynamics, allowing PLB owners to register their device or log in at any time to update their contact and emergency details, feeding this information straight to the coordination centre in real time.  


Given the sensitive nature of the information collected, the build went through significant user, performance and penetration testing to ensure government standards were met and the site would cope with any spikes in traffic generated by marketing campaigns. The results speak for themselves.


The project serves as a great example of how you can maximise the strengths and compatibility of Microsoft Systems. While Microsoft Dynamics can do the heavy lifting in terms of data storage and manipulation, the Umbraco customer portal provides a user experience consistent with what’s expected from your brand. Right tool, right job, right on!