Auckland Emergency Management

Simplifying solutions to emergency management communications.

Auckland Emergency Management’s vision is to become the ‘Leading go-to civil defence and emergency management group in Australasia and globally.'

As a part of this vision, Auckland Emergency Management wanted an, innovative website that met and exceeded their audiences’ expectations.    

The website needed to: 

  • Help people to be more resilient and better prepared before an emergency occurs
  • Assist people to cope when an emergency occurs
  • Raise the profile of Civil Defence Emergency Management in Auckland.


Making emergencies top priority with flexibility of readiness and response modes.

As the messages Auckland Emergency Management communicate during an emergency are very different to the preparedness messages before an emergency, they needed a website that was flexible enough to accommodate this.  

Using Umbraco, we built them a website that can be switched between readiness and response modes, creating the right platform for the right message at the right time.  

In 2020, Auckland Emergency Management wanted to reach a wider audience with their Resilient Business programme. Through their previous work with the business community, they knew many small business owners struggle to understand emergency preparedness messages as English is not their first language.

To help them overcome this barrier, we used Umbraco Languages to create a Simplified Chinese version of the Get Work Ready page. Users can toggle between the English and Chinese versions of the page, both of which retain a consistent visual style and user experience.

Umbraco Languages offers content editors side by side editing which allows you to view multiple language versions of the site simultaneously. This not only provides editors with an easy editing experience but also ensures the visual integrity of your website and brand.

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