The go-live of your website is just the start. Our audit service ensures that as the world changes and your business evolves your website remains secure, strategically aligned, visually appealing and running smoothly.

Security Audit

We conduct regular security reviews against the OWASP Top Ten security risks. This audit allow us to identify vulnerabilities for the most critical security risks to your web application. Under our support plans we can address these vulnerabilities to protect you from any potential threats. 

Strategic Alignment

A regular review of how well your web application aligns with your current business objectives, user goals, competitor and market trends. We will make sure your web application remains in sync with your ever evolving strategic priorities. 

Design  Review

Regular design reviews ensure your website remains, visually appealing, accessible and aligns with your brand. To continually keep your website optimised for your users.  

FAB (Financial Analysis Benchmark) is business critical software that the Baker Ag consultancy depends upon. Effect has stabilised and continued to enhance FAB to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently and made it easier for new consultants to learn.

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